Tetraterra is a large-scale architectural structure in the form of a pyramid, which will be built in Las Vegas. The art-object combines many meanings for each person: you can leave an important message for future generations, learn the most significant events of history, and also place your cube near important people for you. The Tetraterra Pyramid is a real time capsule and interactive repository of human destinies and personalities.


The world is steadily changing, and the Man helps with this. Let's remember all people who tirelessly changed it for the better. Tetraterra is a worldwide tribute to the Great Persons who have gone down in history and made our life so delightful and beautiful.

Isaac Newton

A great scientist, his discoveries and inventions in the field of physics became the basic theories and rules that influenced the perception of the world and all subsequent discoveries of mankind. In addition to deep knowledge in physics, Newton made several mathematical discoveries that also helped people of his time to advance in technology and calculus.

Albert Einstein

A singular mind allowed the scientist to make an astonishing discovery in the field of physics about the theory of relativity. Einstein became a real face of progress and greatly influenced the course of history.

Bill Gates

Thanks to his bright mind and inspiring ambitions, he introduced the technical world to programming, created a unique operating system and opened the IT field to humanity.

Nikola Tesla

Hard work and perseverance of the scientist's spirit allowed the world to feel all the benefits of living with electricity and electric motors. The merit of the scientist in creating the world is invaluable. All electrical appliances that we use every day, work thanks to the brilliant invention of Nikola Tesla.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci is a versatile personality, a scientist whose inventions far outstripped the time he lived in. His greatest intellect and hard work introduced mankind to a hang glider, a self-propelled wagon, rope bridges, a submarine and others. Da Vinci’s inventions were much ahead of time and technology of the XV century. His drafts survived until later times, and already then the scientist followers began to understand the greatest Da Vinci’s ideas and implement them.

They created our world

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Features of Tetraterra elements

The art object combines particles of unique features and deep meanings

100% eco-friendly material

The cubes are made of eco-friendly and ultra-strong glass, thanks to which the pyramid will make people happy for hundreds of years.


Each cube contains a unique name of the person carved by laser engraving. One cube is one destiny.

The scale

The pyramid consists of 16 000 000 cubes, which will allow a lot of people to find their place here.


Various versions of the sizes of cubes - 4x4x4, 8x8x8, 16x16x16 (cm). Choose exactly what you need.

Online storage of information

Purchasing one of the cubes, the owner gets access to the interactive storage. Here you can leave a unique message for your descendants, a favorite quote or any words that you would like to address to the world as a reminder about yourself. You can save here any materials that are important to you: video, photos or any other information that, if you desire, can be encrypted or open to certain people. Even after a thousand years, your great-grandchildren, having read your sensual message, will remember about you with warmth.

Benefits of the project


A new place to meet friends and family; excursion through history - the opportunity to find information about all the most important events of humanity in one place; an architectural monument, combining aesthetics and many meanings.

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The youth

A modern trend that attracts young people; the opportunity to get known with something new or create your own theme, which will be followed by the youth.

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Las Vegas

The uniqueness and grandeur of the pyramid will provide an influx of tourists; the place, where seekers from all over the world will come to; a new large-scale monument to the values ​​of the past and present.

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As the project develops, investors will be able to get good benefits. Tetraterra will form a unique chain, connecting each new pyramid, built in different parts of the world within the project. After building of the first pyramid, it is planned to create several more Tetraterra art objects around the world. Scalability of the project enables the investor to methodically increase his profit. Investing in the project at the early stage of its development, you will make a profit with every next pyramid.

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Great ideas embodied in life

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£670 000+

The most inspiring mission to the moon! The creators managed to collect more than £ 670,000 to investigate the possibility of establishing a long-term base on the Moon. The attractiveness of the project is that anyone could take an active part in Lunar Mission One.


$360 000

A new generation of folding light boxes for subject photography. The creators even before the end of fundraising attracted $ 360,000, which is 7 times higher than the required amount. With Foldio3 you get your own home photo studio.


$2 mln.

Tables with unique patterns of sand, which creates a small metal ball, controlled by a magnet. Thanks to this original idea, the authors of Sisyphus were able to attract almost $ 2 million for the development of their project.


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